You Like To.... Move It!

 Did you know that on average, a person moves about eleven times in their life? Our goal is to make those relocations as hassle-free and easy as possible! Find out how we can make your move smoother, and turn it into a journey, instead of a chore!  

Frequently asked questions

Why don't you have a truck?

We are a different breed. Consumers are now realizing that they can save hundreds to thousands of dollars, simply by providing their own source of transportation, via box truck, trailer, or portable container rentals.

Can you drive our truck?

Unfortunately, we cannot drive your truck. We are not listed on your truck rental's insurance policy. However, we can certainly serve as an extra set of eyes, if you need assistance parking your truck.

What if the job gets completed quicker or later than you expect?

All of our quotes are 100% guaranteed, so long as the information provided during the time of the quote remains accurate. Therefore, you will be paying the same rate, whether the job takes ten minutes or ten hours. However, our efforts are always to work quickly, without sacrificing any quality in labor.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

As an LLC, we meet all the criteria, in order to conduct business legally as a moving labor company. 

It is useless for us to be bonded, as we do not provide any packing or transport services.

Certificates of our general liability insurance are available upon request. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards, and money orders (payable to "Two Guys, No Truck"). Unfortunately, we no longer accept personal checks.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No. We do not require a deposit, nor do we attempt to collect a rescheduling/cancellation fee. We understand that life happens and sometimes the situation is out of your control. If you still feel the need to shop around before you book with us, please do so! We only ask that you schedule our services if you are certain that we are, indeed, the company that you plan to use!

Are your prices good?

There is a lot of fluctuation with the pricing scale in the moving industry. Many companies will quote you low to get you through the door, and then hit you with absurd charges afterwards. We offer very competitive rates for the labor that we provide. We are not the cheapest company out there and we don't strive to be.

Do you accept tips?

Our crew members do accept tips. However, we certainly do not expect them. All of our movers are highly-skilled and get compensated very well for their work.

Are there any other fees?

Absolutely not! Unlike many of our competitors, we have no surprise charges along the way. This is how it should be!

Are there really only two guys?

We perform the majority of our work with two guys, but we will bring out a larger crew if the project demands it.

What if the weather is bad?

We work in all weather conditions, so we'll be there! If you feel the need to reschedule your move date, we will do our very best to accommodate you. However, this will depend on our availability for the given time period.

Do you place my items in the right rooms?

Absolutely! Assuming that your items are labeled, or someone is on standby to give us directive, we will neatly position all of your belongings in their respective rooms. We will also double-check with you before we leave that everything is to your liking!