Moving Labor!

Locally Owned & Operated!

This is how we move it!

Two Guys, No Truck is solely a moving labor company; specializing in the proper loading and unloading of all trucks, trailers, portable storage containers, etc. Please note (hence our name), our movers do not provide, nor do they transport any trucks. We are happy to provide you with our rental recommendations, but it is ultimately up to the customer to make these arrangements.

All of our jobs are performed on a flat-rate basis, which naturally allows our guys to maintain a much more steady work pace, rather than hourly-rated companies, where there is often no incentive to expedite your moving project. Our rates are 100% backed up and guaranteed! There is no more worrying about extra charges or hidden fees along the way. The rate that you are quoted will be the amount that you pay.

Stacking is our forte! Our moving crews consist of very strong, customer-oriented, and tetris-savvy workers, whom all have several years of experience. We are proficient in loading your belongings tightly and securely, to ensure that we can safely fit as much as possible, while preventing any load-shifting during transit.