Pro tips!


We do not offer any packing or unpacking services at this time. Please make sure that all of your belongings are packed, prepared, and ready to transport. If you desire to have any items covered in stretch wrap, please have that done, prior to our arrival.

Moving Blankets

If we will be performing a load for you, it is strongly recommended that you provide us with an adequate amount of moving blankets for our utilization throughout the stack. Our rule of thumb is about 2-3 dozen blankets for a 16' vessel. You can typically reserve these with your rental company.


Every job that we perform is offered with up to (1) hour of complimentary assembly and/or disassembly help. For scheduling purposes, you will need to request our assistance with this at the time of booking.

Pianos/ Pool Tables/ Gun Safes

If you have an item that requires unique handling, we always recommend that you also hire a company that specializes in moving such items. We will evaluate and move specialty items on a case by case basis, but we hold the the right to refuse to move such pieces, if we believe it is a hazard to our crew or the property itself.

Packing Tips

  • While packing up, try to use boxes with the same dimensions. It is okay to have small, medium and large boxes, but you want each variant to be the exact same size. This will greatly benefit the stack, and likely increase the load volume.

  • Do not over-pack boxes. The goal is for each box to have a completely flat surface. If there are items bulging, it becomes very difficult to stack efficiently. 

  • Consolidate loose items. Use boxes, totes, and bags to minimize the amount of stray items. This helps with the load symmetry and will give us much more space to work with, inside your container.

We have created a quick grocery list of helpful packing supplies that you may want to consider. These materials are very conducive to the moving process:

  1. TV/ Picture Boxes
  2. Mattress Covers
  3. Sofa Covers
  4. Protective Flooring Tape